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       Could it be that “Dogs Playing Poker” was the seminal work of art that made Rosalie Sherman want to be an artist? Or was it the movie “A Horse’s Mouth” starring Alec Guinness as a painter seeing every wall as his canvas. Whatever the reason, Rosalie pursed her dream. She graduated Philadelphia College of Art in the 60’s and has spent the following decades exploring a variety of materials: wood, fabric, steel, aluminum, clay, pewter, bronze and concrete.

      After she became an Artist-in Residence at Artpark in 1981, where she made a 12-1/2 foot tall “Doghouse” (a bull terrier out of lumber and aluminum siding), Rosalie spent the next 15 years making site-specific public sculptures. She has made sculptures/benches for parks in Pennsylvania, animal seating for a subway stop in Boston, dog and cat sculptures for the front of a county animal shelter in Florida, play sculptures for a children’s hospital in Oregon, and benches and sculptures for schools in Maryland. 

        Since 2000,  she has turned her attention to everyday surroundings, making affordable sculptures for the home.  In her studio outside of Philadelphia, she creates hooks that are giraffes and penguins, Knobs of dogs named Bob and a myriad of animals and people you could hang your hat on, literally.     


      It pleases Rosalie to know her little cast of characters are opening cabinets and holding brooms in homes around the world.

Our Staff - Rosalie (Artist), Kitty (Consultant) and Katie (Director of Marketing)

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