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I painted my kitchen and the pulls look even better on non-dirty cabinets! 

Steven R., California

Steven Reigns.jpeg

"I love seeing the joy on people's faces when they walk by and see my mailbox."

Carol L.,  Pennsylvania

"If I didn't have a Rose Sherman fish with a glow in the dark eye for a doorbell I would never find my way home!"

Kitty R., Pennsylvania

Patrick O'Connor  Desk.jpg

Thank you Rosalie

Great designs!!!

I’ve used several in my woodworking projects

Pat O.,  Massachusetts

"Thanks to you for creating such delightful address numbers."

Jane S., New York

"As you can see - Yves & Simone are our role models."

John & Valerie S., California

"I  love my new doorbell!"

Donna B.

"Olga hands me towels every day and makes me happy!"

Katie S., Pennsylvania

"These numbers are so eye-catching that every single visitor from workman to guest comments on them when they come to the door."

Ellen S.,  New Jersey

"Rosalie Sherman’s Giraffe is  my favorite art object in an extensive collection built over many years. This giraffe greets me every morning when I wake up. I love it.


I am very pleased to be sharing  the walls of Valise Gallery with this artist.    

Vashon Island  July 2017 "

Pascale J., Washington 

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