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If it's May, it must be Gloria!

Gloria is not just an ordinary hen. She

is an accomplished designer, architect and civil engineer. I was lucky enough

to catch her on site of her latest project.

Here is a bit of our insightful interview:

Louise: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I know you're a very busy hen.

Gloria: It's my pleasure. You know, I don't usually have the chance to speak to the public. I seem to always be working 24/7.

L: I hear you. Can you tell me how you approached this current project?

G: There was this well pipe sticking up about 15" above the ground. Not very nice looking. My clients wanted me to come up with an aesthetic solution. So I just jumped on the pipe and I've been here ever since. It has been a bit limiting mobility-wise, but it gives me precious time to plan future projects.

L: Well, I find it amazing with all that going on, you've had time to produce a couple of eggs. How are they doing?

G: I'm very proud of them both. Amelia, the egg on the left, is at Carnegie Mellon now, following in the claw steps of her mom and Andrew is a freshman at NYU, in the film school.

L: That's great. I know you're busy, but I'd like to know if you have any advice for working mothers who are juggling job and family.

G: Just do it! I know that's a meme now, thanks to Nike, but really, just do it! If you see a pipe that needs a cover, just sit on it. You've got kids that need to be raised, just raise them. Do your best. That's all I've got.

L: Okay, well, that's somewhat inspiring. One other question: What's your favorite color.

G: Orange. And, it's a fruit too.

L: Thank you.

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