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March's Choice: Saint Elliott, What a Bird!

Some birds are egocentric and flighty. They fly here and there looking out for themselves and not really caring about anyone else. Then there are those who want to make a better world for everyone. Elliott is a bird of that persuasion.

I met Elliott when he was helping a friend of mine, a doberman with parvo. Though still a pup, Buster towered over Elliott who was there to ease his pain. Buster listened to Elliott's advice and found a friend who cared about him and who helped him through a miserable time. That's the kind of friend Elliott is. And it is my pleasure to introduce him to you. If you could pin a medal on a bird, Elliott should receive a St. Aloysius of Gonzaga medal. But aside from not being Catholic, having a heavy medal pinned on him would hurt very much.

Louise; So glad you could meet me for a little chat, Elliott.

Elliott: Oh Louise, always happy to be in your company.

L: I talked to Buster the other day. He is much better and has no after effects from the parvo. He really can't say enough about how nice you were to him.

E: I'm glad he's well again. It was my pleasure, He is such a sweet dog.

L: I know you have helped many other animals. Are you like Superman, flying around and looking for creatures who need help?

E: Well, I'm not Superman or Superbird, but, yes, that's pretty much how i find those who need help. I fly around, and if I see someone in need, I'll do my best to help them. It makes them feel much better and it makes me feel really good too. It's a win/win situation.

L: Have you always done this? How did you find this vocation?

E: Well, no. I was a rather bratty little fledgling. I was selfish and mean to my brothers and sisters. I stayed on in the nest after they all flew away and demanded my parents to keep feeding me well after I was old enough to fly away and fend for myself. I was a horrible little bird.! And then one day, Mama and Daddy were gone. I never knew what happened. They went out to get me food and never came back.

L: And then what happened?

E: I had to take care of myself. I learned to fly and find food. One day, while flying around, I saw a squirrel who's tail had been run over by a car. The poor fellow was in terrible pain. I flew down to see how he was doing and told him to grab on to my legs and I dragged him to the side of the road. His name was Antoine. I stayed with him and brought him nuts and seeds and worms (though he wasn't much of a carnivore). I listened to his life story and shared some of my life with him. Antoine's tail eventually broke off, but he was able to get on in life with that disability. We became good friends and it felt great to be able to make him feel better. And I felt so much better about myself. After that, I decided to do as much good for others as I could.

L: Wow, that's quite a story! Has anyone not been thankful for your help?

E: Oh sure. Once I helped get a boa constrictor out of a drainpipe. He had just swallowed a rather large groundhog and got stuck in the pipe. I chatted with him until his lunch started to digest and when he finally slid out of the drainpipe, that sucker tried to swallow me! Some critters are just plain nasty!! Jeez!!

L: But you continued to help other animals in trouble.

E: Oh sure. Most critters are appreciative. I have all kinds of friends now and friends of friends too, like you, Louise. It's a good way to live life.

L: Is there anything in life you'd still like to do?

E: I'd like to know what happened to my parents. I've never been analyzed, but I think part of why I help so many is that I was so selfish when I was a little bird. I think they just left for me to grow up already. So, in helping others, I'm really trying to show them I've turned out to be a good bird. The other possibility is that they were eaten by a boa constrictor.

L: Analysis, shmanalysis. I wouldn't dig that deep. Whatever the reason, you are a good bird. Thanks for talking to me, Elliott.

E: Oh, thank you! My pleasure!

Elliott took off in a parabolic course, sweeping the area and looking for animals in need. He certainly is quite a bird!


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